The “JJ Way” to Read Barbershop Music

jjway-scanedbWe have now sold all the copies of the third edition of the JJ Way and do not intend to have it reprinted because of the increase in costs of printing and postage. The original idea of John Jones and myself in selling it was to raise money for the Club to support Macmillan Cancer, which it did. As there is still a need for this booklet, by request for copies and feedback, the club has agreed that it can be included here on The Sussex Harmonisers web site for anyone to copy, on the understanding that they give or send a £1 to Macmillan Cancer Support for each copy they make.

So do please make as many copies as you wish and forward the appropriate monies either to the national or your local MacMillan Cancer Support.  (Robin Pond)

For reasons of file size, the booklet has been scanned  and divided into two .pdf files.  If required, the files can be printed on a duplex printer (double-sided) and the pages then folded to make a booklet:

jjway01-pp1to6          jjway02-pp7to14

Alternatively, you can read this version online:  jjway-onlineed