Our constantly evolving material

Whilst in our past repertoire has been American in style and context owing to the origins of Barbershop singing, these days the repertoire for both Sussex Kings of Harmony and Sussex A Cappella choruses has become more contemporary. 

We keep a few ‘old songs’ as public favourites, such as ‘At Last’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’, but our repertoire mostly includes arrangements of songs originated by Queen, Adele, Elbow, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, ABBA, Dolly Parton and Van Morrison. 

Across the two choruses we aim to introduce a handful of  new songs each year.  We are always looking for new material and for 2022 SKH performed a new song specially arranged for us by Theodore Hicks called 'Die a Happy Man' and the Mammas and Pappas song 'California Dreamin'. Sussex A Cappella have added Olly Murs' 'Dance with me tonight' and the Bee Gee's 'How deep is your love' to their list.

Our wide repertoire makes it possible for us to tailor a performance to meet the needs of any particular event.

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