Book The Sussex Harmonisers

You can book members of either Sussex Kings of Harmony or Sussex A Cappella in full chorus or Octet and from time to time we may also be able to provide a Quartet.


When you get in touch we will need to discuss details. It will be helpful if you can provide as much as possible of the following details in the initial stages;-

Tell us about your planned event
    • Organisers name and address, phone number, email address
    • Date, time of day, location
    • Performance required (private event, charity event, public event etc)
    • Duration required
    • Other performers in the event if any
    • Singers required (Full chorus/Octet/Quartet: Male / female/ mixed)
...and about the venue
    • Address, postcode
    • Facilities (car parking, changing and warm up)
    • If appropriate - confirmation of Venue’s Performing Rights License
    • Performance area available
    • Sound system details if available
And here are some basic details about how we charge
    • Usually as a Charitable Donation (The Sussex Harmonisers Reg. Charity No.  1146107), ideally attracting Gift Aid supplement
    • Amount negotiable according to event details
    • Payment usually made prior to the event
    • Cancellation terms agreed according to type of event

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