We are very excited that the wonderful Ardingly College is hosting this event, located in the heart of Sussex - Ardingly College, College Lane, Ardingly, Haywards Heath, Sussex RH17 6SQ

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As term time will have finished, the facilities will be quiet and the atmosphere very relaxed!

We will be occupying the Music School, (38) where there is a large auditorium for plenary sessions and Practice rooms within same building for separate practice and rehearsals for each harmony part. See a virtual tour here…
Music School - https://mpembed.com/show/?m=G55aiRATXBQ&play=1

The Showcasing of your skills as ‘The Masterclass Chorus’ will take place in the most glorious school Chapel (13) – a Chapel that thinks it’s a Cathedral, the acoustics are so good!
See a virtual tour here…

Chapel - https://mpembed.com/show/?m=RT8Gh2BjSfE&play=1&nt=1

Coffee and biscuits will be served in the Music School, and lunch will be in the school Café (62) where you can buy a selection of food and drinks.

CAR PARKING will be at (42)